International Multimedia

Astronomical Odds | baseball in the Dominican Republic

Miguel Almonte, 17, signed a contract in July 2014, to play for the Toronto Blue Jays' minor league team in the United States. He'll soon leave his home in the Dominican Republic, and everything he knows to play a sport he's devoted his entire life to. Miguel is confident despite he'll make it to the MLB despite only 2% of young dominicans in his position ever make it there.

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Recycled Land | farmers revive an abandoned landfill

photographs by Matthew Masin and Nickolai Hammar | video and production by Nickolai Hammar

Armando Pereiro and Nisse Forreiro live on a farm near the northern border of São Paulo, Brazil. In 2004 the couple helped occupy and clean land the government had been dumping refuse on for years. Once clean, many of the people who cleaned it, remained on the land to start and maintain organic farms. Though the government does not legally own this land, they constantly look for reasons to force the farmers away.


Driving for Change | the first female rickshaw driver in India

Sunita Choudhary was the first woman to obtain a license to drive a rickshaw in India. She left the small village where she was born to escape gender restrictions and fled to New Delhi. Sunita lived on the streets, bathed in public restrooms and struggled to find work until she started driving a rickshaw.