Kibler's Corner | Hear Nebraska

Kibler's Corner is an ongoing video series featured on The host, Cory Kibler, pokes fun at the artists' strange and wonderful hobbies, while paying little attention to what they're known for: music.

Saber Blazek | The Art of Nunchaku

Saber Blazek’s onstage presence is well known throughout the Lincoln music scene. Skillfully relentless and wildly entertaining, the bassist has thrashed with the likes of Machete Archive, Universe Contest and Halfwit.

But what about his (marginal) harmony skills? Or his knowledge of bandmates birthdays? Or which Ninja Turtle he fancies himself? Cory Kibler asks the tough questions, uncovering the man behind the bass/sunglasses as well as Halfwit’s formation in the latest Kibler’s corner.

Jordan Ellis | Cat Sweaters and Bloody Marry's

Hear Nebraska's on-screen talent, Cory Kibler, meets with Universe Contest and the Gerardo Meza bands' Jordan Ellis. The two debate knitting, cat-attire and carrot juice bloody marry's.

Gerardo Meza | Painting and Stickfigure Nudes

Cory interviews Gerardo Meza about his artwork and music. Afterward, they take some time to sketch each other.

Talking Mountain | Skull Cleaning and Jewelry

Jason Meyer and Jesy Husen Stortenbecker from Talking Mountain, talk about the process of skull cleaning and what they do with the fleshless animal bones.

Laura Burhenn | Tarot and Terrifying News

Laura Burhenn, from The Postal Service and The Mynabirds, gives Cory a tarot reading and uncovers some uncomfortable truths.

Aaron Druery | Ginger Beer and Prairie Fires

Aaron Druery from the bands Criteria and The Ghost Runners, lives a multi-faceted life, playing soccer, making ginger beer and starting prairies on fire.

Brian Piontek | Rat Bikes and Watercolors

Brian Piontek, from the bands Root Marm Chicken Farm Jug Band and Dean the Bible, shows off his watercolors and the rat bikes he builds from spare parts.